Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Have a nice winter solstice

For those too busy to read any further, click here.

Important: archive updated January 2nd, you need to delete old high score file as it's not compatible any more.

Due to some rather unfortunate events in the family I haven't had as much time for PR as I would have liked to, so there are no major changes. Minor changes include:

  • fixed all but one of known bugs.
  • 2500 bonus points if you clear a ship without shooting any enemy droids. Note that if you hit a single droid on ship one, you won't get bonus even if you clear ship two without any shooting as hit counter is preserved from one ship to the next (same is done with accuracy calculation).
  • you can reduce enemy droid pulser count in the subgame by damaging them. This doesn't have much effect with the higher class droids, and you will have to cope with whatever energy the droid has left...
  • background stars are a bit more interesting now.
  • as always, it's slightly smaller and faster :)

As I haven't had much time to test this one, report any oddities please.

Changes which didn't make it to this version:

  • subgame bonus points for 11-1 / 12-0 wins. No time to fix the bugs caused by this...
  • raiders. You know, those annoying rogue droids in Paradroid'90.

Even if my time for coding has been limited, that doesn't mean that I haven't thought about the game during the slow times at work. I'm positive that the actual playing area can be enlarged by t least one character row. With C128 I think it might be possible to do two or three additional rows without the game slowing down. We'll see if I ever have time for that.