Sunday, April 20, 2008

Not quite dead yet

Here is little something for you who fear that the project is dead. Not much have changed though:
  • Subgame should now take 10 seconds regardless whether you're playing on C64 or C128. That's still slightly longer than original, but way better than 12 seconds.

  • Game should finally be Drean 64 compatible. I thought I put the code for this into the game 18 months ago, but apparently I didn't. Well, who's going to send me a Drean 64/128 so I can actually test it?

  • Most likely there are some other changes too, it was six weeks ago when I last touched the source. The only reason I did it now was to fix the download link.
Note: if you for some reason want to archive every single release, then do yourself a favor. Don't use build number as filename part! It was never meant for that. Instead, parse it as BB-DDMMYY where BB is daily build count, DD is day of month, MM is month and YY is year. Then reorder these as YYMMDDBB and when using that as part of filename you get chronologically sorted list.

Edit: Drean compatibility is now confirmed, thanks to the_woz. Check out his blog, especially Drean-specific entries.