Monday, June 23, 2008

Have a nice summer solstice(ish)

To honor the sun I give you a new release - or two releases actually.

My plan was to build an unified version with both graphic sets held in memory all the time, but that didn't happen due lack of memory. Too bad, having different graphics on different decks would have given some more variety to the game.

I did manage to fit all necessary data into memory, but as I had to
EOR fonts together there was no way to swap between them without temporary 2 KB buffer. You really can't unpack LZ data and EOR it simultaneously, which took me way too long to realize.

While it would have been possible to do the EOR in two passes with the 1 KB buffer I do have, I didn't bother with that as I would have to drop dual graphics as soon as I need the memory back anyway.

Oh, I did fix one single pixel bug in the hires font too :)

Edit: I also added single pixel bug into Metal Edition - when you clear deck the first time, there may be extra pixel in the background star. That one is gone as soon as you move a bit vertically, so I won't do another build just to fix it.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! I don't really understand a word you said (unpack LZ? what on earth is EOR?!) but am delighted to see a new release. Many thanks! :)