Sunday, July 18, 2010

Not dead yet, part 2

It may have taken two years, but here is the newest and greatest version!

Both original and Metal Edition graphics are now in the same executable, droids have slightly modified AI, high score saving should work with most common expansions (you may have to disable your disk speeder cartridge though) and there is a new frontend. Can you name all the games from where I borrowed something?

Some minor changes including but not limited to

  • orange/red alert increases enemy fire probability half/full ship
  • competition mode - same droids every time, has separate high score file
  • no pacifist bonus if disruptor used
  • droid centered on lift when deck changes - no more exit through wall

File update: two bugfixes to eliminate crash on startup (hopefully one of them does the trick), one minor visual fix and adding disruptor to firing statistics. No more easy accuracy bonus by using 711/742 only!


Guy said...

Woo hoo! Thanks very much for the latest version. :) Roll on the weekend when I can fire this up!

Anonymous said...

Dare I say: totally awesome. Please keep up the fantastic work.

Anonymous said...

I see two areas that might be off.
1) if a droid dies because it runs out of juice, the energy chargers don't seem to work right.
2) the idea of keeping lower class droids off the bridge is interesting, but when the 999 is in the room just to the right when you enter, it kind of defeats the purpose.

Anonymous said...

thought it was a new game but its just a lame hack