Monday, September 24, 2007


Too little time for anything major (yet!) but scoring and subgame have seen some little changes.

  • Bonus score if you do well in subgame. 20% bonus for each remaining pulser if you win 11-1, 40% if you win 12-0

  • 2000 point bonus if you're wimp and use only transfer to overtake the ship. Not enough to compensate for score lost by not shooting droids, as I don't want to encourage that kind of cowardism ;)

  • Shoot droids to pieces before transferring to them - their pulser count reduces by one for every 16 points of damage. Don't forget that you have to cope with whatever energy they have left, though!

In addition to adding small things I've also discarded some ideas

  • Grenades/mines. What to do when droid explodes a mine but there are no free sprites?

  • Two player mode through link cable. That cuts down sprites available for enemy droids and fire, lowering the difficulty considerably. With fever sprites it's also harder to hide the fact that the game teleports droids away if it runs out sprites.

I have doubts about transport pads as well. These would transfer player within a deck, but that would require resetting droid positions to avoid several visibility problems. And that would mean teleporting all droids, meaning you could face the same robot you were running away just a second or two ago half a deck away. You may say that there isn't much realism in the game, but that makes it even more important to preserve what's left of it!


Anonymous said...

What about using chars for mines and mine explosions?

TNT said...

I have to see how much free memory I have after the changes currently under development. I would have to add at least two frames of animation for mines (so that they can actually be seen) and six or more for their explosion (done as 2*2 chars), plus the code for logic and animation.

There are other problems to the mines than just the technical one: First, which droid to turn into mine layer - I think 751 is the obvious choice as it has the least character of all armed droids. Second, what to do when player transfers into mine layer? Just drop mines and try to get enemy into them before they auto-detonate? Have low-level laser as backup?