Sunday, October 7, 2007

I'm sane, thank you :P

Contrary to some other claims I'm not crazy, or at least I imagine so.

That's not the only error in Paradroid talk page - so here we have (drumroll, please)

The Definite C64 Paradroid Version Guide

  • Paradroid (original), 1985

  • Paradroid Competition Edition, 1986
    This one is identical to the original, except that it has some vertical blank waits removed. That allows the game run faster most of the time.
    Scroll code is unchanged, whoever wrote that it was enhanced clearly hasn't disassembled all versions and done comparisons between them...

  • Paradroid Metal Edition a.k.a. Heavy Metal Paradroid, 1986
    Minor changes, mostly allowing the use of multicolor chars, remaining ones save couple of cycles and/or bytes here and there.
    Uses C128 2 MHz mode in top/bottom border for higher speed.
    Fixes the decimal mode flag bug which causes weird sound fx in earlier versions.
    Some scroll text changes - this includes two bad chars which seem to be in every original ME tape!

  • Paradroid Redux, 2006-
    Nanos gigantium humeris insidentes.


Anonymous said...

Hey, that was me with the "crazy" comment. I consider this a definite compliment and admire you very much for going to those lengths in order to tweak my favourite ever video game and make it better still. Also, sticking to the original code and spreading it as a remade 64 disk image -- that's classy. Good crazyness, that is. Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Good job with the code, keep it up!

TNT said...


@dr. zarkov: I found your post on Tower of Babel Forum and would like to point out that I haven't been improving some of the routines - I've done that to every single one of them. I doubt anyone can find a subroutine longer than ~30 bytes which isn't modified to be either shorter, faster or both ;)

Just wait for the next beta to get the last major feature from Paradroid '90...

Anonymous said...

New version before Christmas?!?!?!!!

Anonymous said...

Before which year's Christmas??!?!??!

TNT said...

Next year's. It's always before the next year's xmas. Always :)