Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Hum Bug Betatesters

No one tells me about bugs... so I just have to play the game to find them myself! :)

  • Droid library had two bugs: every droid class text was the player class, and droid entries went from 0 to 23 instead of 1 to 24.

  • Droid count in console was wrong, it ignored some droids.

  • Deck layout horizontal scroll was broken. You all did know you can scroll it now, didn't you?

  • Maintenance deck had one droid too many on the left part, one too little in the right one. This one you really should have noticed!

  • Remaining bugs:

    • Radar is borken.

    • Lift ignores short fire button press just after up/down move.

    • Game tries to free same object twice, this causes a freeze when my sanity check catches it.

I bet there are more, but the last one is the most serious one. Thanks to trurl for first spotting it, now I can cause it too. The easiest way to do it is to enter ship 8 upper cargo when alert is red, then wait in the middle of bottom left room when berzerk droids circle around you shooting like there's no tomorrow. Well, without cheating there is no tomorrow for you...

Oh yeah, forget about the constant energizer animation part of the previous entry - I dropped it ages ago. I just hadn't played any of the official versions for a while, so when testing the Metal Edition it struck me as a difference to Competition Edition.

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