Friday, August 3, 2007

Weekend fun

After recovering from the last weekend I finished the latest changes. I hope I didn't break anything in the process... Check it out yourself.

  • Lots of flicker removed when changing screens.

  • Some internal changes which makes it run faster, although it still drops to every 3rd frame under extreme situations.

  • Game now knows about droid visibility changes which allows some more AI.

This version has most of the sanity checks removed, so if older routines get confuzed they will trash random memory. Only the droid allocator has code to hang the game "nicely" if it fails unpredictably.

Currently visibility change just flashes droid color. As you can see - or rather as you can't see - flash is only visible when going around corners and through doors. This means that droids approaching from distance have unfair advantage of spotting you before you spot them. This needs to be changed so that at least part of droid has to be visible on screen before it reacts to your presence.

Radar equipped droids won't get surprised as easily as other droids, and as alert status rises every droid with brains will react faster. I'm thinking of using different delay values for direction change, depending on droid's weight and drive. Surely 28 kg anti-grav 821 can stop and turn faster than 227 kg bipedal 751!

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