Friday, August 24, 2007

Squish 'em

Two bugs found and fixed, both of them having the same root cause. Whenever you change deck in lift, it's built immediately, even if you don't actually enter that deck. This avoids a delay when you exit the lift. However, if you then decide to go back to the deck where you entered lift after, game keeps previous droid/deck status intact but deck map is reset to the default state.

Now, the two bugs:

  1. All waypoints are now marked with magic chars for faster detection, and I didn't restore them when re-entering deck. Mea culpa. Now waypoints are decompressed/marked correctly evrey time. This means that some work is done twice when entering a new deck, but it's fast enough to be unnoticeable.

  2. Doors keep their state on re-entry, but deck map has all doors closed after decompression. If droid had opened a door when you caused level build in the lift, droid got stuck against/in the middle of a door which was visually closed, but logically open. This bug was there from the beginning. I added some code to restore door visual state when entering a deck, and it seems to work. Doing this with minimum amount of new code made door code resemble spaghetti tho.

New beta out during this weekend, with almost all known bugs fixed. Well, make that all known bugs fixed if I have time for it :)

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