Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cleaning up

Now that the worst bugs seemed to be fixed, I took some time to fix most of the flickering when the game changed screens. I did that once already, but delaying sprite writes made the flickering come back. Now everything seems to be fine except going to game mode, where sprites are delayed that one frame. I'm not sure if I bother to fix that or not - it's hard to notice the delay without slowing the game down in emulator.

I've spent enough time doing boring tweaking, next day or two will be spent playing the game instead. There are loads of sanity checks to catch the bugs which should be gone now, so playing will be purely for quality control ;)


Mike said...

lol "quality control"... I often wonder how much time programmers waste with admiring their work.

We do something cool, then spend the next hour (at least!) running it just to see the "cool" bit just one more time. :)

TNT said...

After dozens of assembly cycles yesterday, each time running some screen change with 10% speed to catch any flicker, I really need some quality control time :)

I admit having spent time gloating, and also showing off to others: "look, you can even do THIS and it will work". Inevidently that's followed with them doing something else which breaks everything. Such is life...