Thursday, July 12, 2007

All hail simplicity

After I wrote the code to create all droids on ship I had second thoughts about it. The code was horrible mess, parsing deck data to get correct number of certain level droids into correct sections. Nested loops, lots of comparisons, checking every section to get droid distribution right. In the end I made one 256 byte table to place every droid where it belongs. 256 bytes is quite a lot of memory compared to 30 bytes which the droids required when associated with decks and sections. However, the table ended up being only 48 bytes when packed, and the routine which goes through it (once!) was about 80 bytes shorter than my original code. In fact it was shorter than the one from original Paradroid, and that one didn't know anything about deck sections.

Now the ship contained all the necessary inhabitants, so it was time to check out the code which activates correct droids when player enters a deck. That was bound to be easy. However, when I depacked section waypoints I didn't store their Y coordinates at all. This confused droid placement, and it had every reason to do so. That meant that I had to put Y coordinates into a temporary buffer where InitDeckDroids() could find them. Yeah right, except that there was a routine between the two subroutines which cleared the coordinate table...

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