Monday, July 16, 2007

Double the fun!

Rather quick new release, fixing some things:

  • Subgame didn't clear it's local variables before retrying after deadlock.

  • Background stars flickered on NTSC, now screen/star draw is done in two parts so stars get updated in time.

  • "Floating" player fire hopefully fixed by caching joystick position through the routine.

  • Sound routine tweaked for sharper sounds, unfortunately this has changed couple of sound effects.

If the game hangs it has most likely tripped on one of my sanity tests. Freeze the game and tell me the program counter so I can check where that happened.


Grue said...

Ok, tried this again and still sprite problems, so I'll explain my test setup a little bit now.

I've tried with and without retro+replay with rr-net connected to it. Didnt matter problems are still there.

Usually things go wrong after I blast some droid and after this explosion sprite stays there, when I move it moves with me and usually other droids go invisible, some times I can even go through walls when this state of things is going on.

I'm using c128 with dolphin dos kernal for testing. also when game starts my 1541 runs little time and starts flashing red light. No new files appear on disk when I check after reset, why it spins the drive?

I admit that my c128 is heavily modified but I havent bounced into problems with other software, so I suspect there might be some c128 spesific problem lurking by. I guess I could do some testing with my sx64 later, its almost unmodified ;))

TNT said...

I need to put my C128D back together to see if some evil C128-specific bug has crept in. If C128 doesn't work without VDC RAM then I'm hosed, as I removed the 16 KB RAM chips without checking that I can find the 64 KB chips in my inventory...

The game tries to load high score / completed ship info from disk. It should save them automatically when needed, I need to check that too.

Mike said...

I have a 128D here as well if you'd like me to test some stuff for ya....

TNT said...

It seems that the game is too fast for its own good. Because sprite register writes are buffered, running every frame means that they may never get updated. I need to fix the frame limiter.