Monday, July 16, 2007

? Deadlock error, please debug

I found the bug which broke the transfer game. Some time ago I got rid of routine which finds starting locations of tokenized strings and stored them into a temporary table for later use, and replaced it with realtime search. There was no speed difference anyway because of raster sync and that saved some memory. Not only in the printing routines, but I could remove now unnecessary temporary buffer clearing from multiple places.

Unfortunately one of those places was in the subgame, in the retry loop to be excact. Ok, it worked perfectly unless you got deadlock and there were auto pulsers active. In that case temporary buffer still had auto pulser data active and copied color from now gone pulser position to the central bar. Usually there was wire, resulting in black color. Fix was simple: put that buffer clear back.

I've been tweaking the sfx routine further. Now it takes about 8 lines at maximum and sound starts are clearer. That however intoduced nasty snapping sound to repeating sounds, especially transfer fx. I think I can prevent that by checking if the new sound is the same as the previous one, and skipping gate off in that case.

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