Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NewsFlash! Viral infection grinds PR development to a halt!

Not my computer, luckily. Most of the last two days has been used to salvage data from one of the worst infected computers I've seen. Booooooooring! My recommendation: buy removable HD. Copy data there. Format C: Reinstall.

I've managed to teach the game quite a bit more about ship layout, droid distribution and other small things. Now it knows which deck part lifts connect and really should be able keep droids in their respective deck parts. I bet tomorrow will be spent on debugging every possible problem caused by game not generating droids, droids jumping around whole ship, waypoints being completely garbled up and whatever the game can think of.

Tidbit of the day: left side of observation has two waypoints, but game never generates droids there.

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