Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Too kitsch, or not too kitsch: that is the question.

Nothing much done today, except one completely unrelated routine inspired by some random web site. Funny thing, I have never thought about writing Matrix character drop effect for C64 before.

Now I'm wondering how it would look with Paradroid font. Core routine is about 200 bytes, which is longer than the original TV static effect. However, I've saved quite a lot of space reserved for data, so I could take some of it back.

I guess there's only one way to find out how it really looks. Code has to be changed slightly to cope with 1x2 chars, but other than that it should be simple case of inserting the new code (famous last words?)


Mike said...

LOL....I wrote one of them for the Plus4 demo-comp a little while back - all in 256 bytes!!

I think I prefer the static...although you could do real static rather than whats there.

TNT said...

But yours didn't change, I bet. Bah, now I need to check out all Plus4 minicompo entries. Who knows, I could steal some ideas, maybe :)

Currently static is built once, then characters are animated with some vertical scroll register fiddling thrown in. Because game is over there's no need for deck map any more, so I think I could fill that with random static, then display it from random places. All done with already existing code, so it shouldn't take any more space than the current one (93 bytes, I checked).

Mike said...

Well, source is there - although coz I was squeezing it into 256 bytes, its a bit of a mess!

Change? couse it did...looked pretty good for 256 bytes I think!

TNT said...

Sorry, I meant the density change which takes way too many bytes in my code. I didn't try to cut down the size, so it can be made smaller if really needed. And faster too. Generally better, as well. But there's no reason to do so unless I really use it :)

Do you know if those Plus4 minicompo entries work with C16? That's all I've got here, so if that doesn't work then it's time to install the latest Yape.

Mike said...

Yep should do...they're 1K demos, so unless they unpack or something it should be fine - some might build huge tables - and although mine dont, I do use character sets up at the top for my smooth star one. I think the matrix one should be clean.

But the source is provided with a few anyway so you could change them if you needed to :)

Couse failing that - use Yape.