Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sound of optimization

I went through the sound effect routine and optimized it a bit. As a result it's slightly faster, but what's more important is that now I can move all sfx zero page variables to "normal" memory and that will only cost one or two raster lines. That means that I have over 30 ZP locations which I can use for other purposes. Too bad that VICE doesn't have memory access profiler, as with one it would be easy to find out which variables/tables are accessed the most. Counting label occurences in source files gives some hints, but that doesn't count loop iterations etc. Time to do some VICE hacking I guess. Unless I find something more interesting to do, of course. Running out of interesting things made Mike add weapons systems to XeO3, I'm facing the same problem here!

Well, I have the droid allocator to rewrite too. The problem with the current method is that there is no allocator at all, so every time droid/laser/explosion is removed, every object behind it in the list needs to get moved down in memory. Changing this will make object removal a breeze and solves some other problems at the same time, but changing it also means that everything is broken for at least a couple of days because of things I can't even imagine yet. So I've stayed away from it. Well, I have to face it one day anyway...

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